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  • November 22, 2017 2 min read

     We built this really cool corner in our 1832 vintage workshop at 25 Cottrell Street for you.  The Christmas Parade is Saturday, we'll be open from 10am until the last person leaves.  Last year that was 10pm. 

    Stop in, and use this as a photo backdrop for your holiday selfie.  It's also possible one of us can help with the pics, but we are knot tyers, not photo pros.  It will be cool to see you this weekend, but it will be set up through the holidays.

    You can see how Betsy looks in the picture, imagine yourself and your loved ones with this backdrop on your IG or table next to the cookies and milk.  Our porch is also a prime viewing spot.

    Let's have fun!

     Of course, no Mystic Holiday article would be complete without a picture from last year's parade.  Now, if this doesn't get you down here, I don't know what will.  Great GREAT time...Be here before 6pm for the parade.  If you want to make a day of it, Santa trades in his reindeer and chugs on in by tugboat at about 2pm.  This is the coolest Christmas event in New England  

    Mystic Boat Parade courtesy Mystic Country Eastern Regional Tourism District Connecticut

    Mystic Boat Parade courtesy Mystic Country Eastern Regional Tourism District Connecticut


    WTNH Tina Detelj at Mystic Knotwork Christmas 2017The last week has been exciting watching the town put together the holiday destination.  it was such a scene that Tina Detelj from WTNH Channel 8 stopped by to see what was up. Video wouldn't embed, so it is linked here, old school right....  It was a great segment, and you can see parts of the town all coming together.

    More pictures of the tree being installed by Mystic Seaport.  It was an unusually warm day, so they really had the chance to enjoy dirt stepping a tree rather than keel stepping a mast.

    Tree being set in place Mystic Connecticut 2017Nautical Christmas in Mystic, CTMystic Christmas Tree Installation 2017

     Duck Inspection, mandatory in Mystic before wiring

    Duck InspectionMystic Shipyard setting up tree in Downtown Mystic, courtesy of WTNH

     If it isn't obvious, we REALLY want to show off our town. 

    • Stop by, say hi.
    • Get a picture or three and help us celebrate 
    • Start of the holiday season with stress free FUN.

    This is Mystic, This is Nautical, we have boats, lights, knots, and even Santa on a Tugboat!  Find anything better than that....nope that's not better. We have world class bars and restaurants for that.  no excuse.  Get here :) 

    Thank you for all your support and I hope we meet,

    ps: if you are thinking of proposing, use our boat.. he'll never expect it, and it would blow our minds to see.

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