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  • October 11, 2023 1 min read

    Loving this time of year, Fall In Mystic. Although we are a coastal town just a few minutes inland you will find farms of all sizes and vineyards. 

    Last week I went to Whittle's Willow Spring Farm a little bit west of Mystic. What a surprise, a huge field of a variety of pumpkins arranged carefully for easy browsing. They also had their giant pumpkin set up as a photo op for group photos.

    Believe it or knot there are a few bracelets on top of their giant pumpkin!
    Solid and stripe bracelets on the giant pumpkin.
    There are bales of hay in front of the giant pumpkin for sitting, great photo op!

    Back at the stand you can feed the pigs and piglets, browse some fabulous mums, choose from an incredible selection of apples and other seasonal squashes, tomatoes and gourds.

    Lots of mini pumpkins, many varieties and many small gourds for decorating.

    As you can see I took the opportunity to photograph some bracelets, baskets, keychains and bowls throughout the grounds. What amazed me most was that a lot of these pumpkins had incredible stems.

    Bracelets and keychains in fall Halloween colors.

    The cool thing is two people recognized the Mystic Knotwork products I was toting around. We chatted a bit, learned they had roots in Mystic and knew both our shops located Downtown. 

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