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  • December 06, 2023 1 min read

    Sometime around mid November it hit us, time to decorate some lobster buoys for the tree in Stonington, and decorate our bridge wreath and our 2 shops in Mystic, and make the angel ornaments....

    The buoys were at the top of the list as there was a deadline!

    Dawn, one of our artisans, glued lots of pieces of our custom cotton string to create the front of our 25 Cottrell St. shop. The back is the Mystic River Park holiday tree, both sides with a touch of Van Gogh's Starry Night vibe. Amazing!!!


    Mystic River Park holiday tree.

    You can see our building in the background.


    Artist's pay a fee for the buoys, monies raised go to local charities.

    Matt and Jill with the Mystic Knotwork buoys. Jill is holding her famous gnome buoy!

    Brave builders assembling the tree, an incredible feat.


    Jill's gnome buoy. She has been making gnomes of all types for years, this is one for the record books! Visit our shops in Mystic to see our mini gnome holiday tree ornaments. Or make them yourself with Jill's YouTube tutorial.
    You can go inside, its bright in there, perfect for photos.
    The tree will be up through Jan. 7 !








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