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  • August 07, 2019 3 min read 2 Comments


    5 Lighthouses to See Without Ever Leaving Land!

    The coastline of Connecticut is sprinkled with beautiful and historic lighthouses. From New London to Mystic you’re able to see almost 5 just from one beach. We’re here to let you know how to see these lighthouses, and the closest you can get without ever leaving land.

    From hiking, biking, walking, or on your morning run, there’s a way to see these incredible structures.

    Race Rock Lighthouse

    Standing on the coast of Noank and Groton, you’re able to see Race Rock  Lighthouse. This stone fortress was the final of several failed attempts to keep people navigating the water to avoid one of the rockiest reefs in the sound, called  The Race. The process of building the lighthouse began in 1837 after many incidents of ships running aground. However the lighthouse wasn’t finished and lit until 1879. Like all old lighthouses have their ghost stories, Race Rock is notorious for the several shipwrecks haunting the local waters. Especially on foggy mornings. Belonging to New York, Race Rock Lighthouse is right off the western side of Fishers Island, protecting incoming ships.

    Image by Fishers Island Photography


    New London Harbor Lighthouse

    New London Harbor Lighthouse was first constructed in 1760, one of the oldest known in the U.S. and one of the tallest. It is sleek, stark white, and has 6 sides. The elegant tower's spiral staircase is lined with a custom rope handrail by Mystic Knotwork. With almost 20 lighthouse keepers, this was an important job leading ships into the busy New London Harbor. If you look hard enough you can still see whaling ships return to New London Harbor, but they're not the ghosts of whalers past, tours are still being held on these incredibly masted ships. 

    Harbor Light House New London Connecticut


    New London Ledge Lighthouse

    Bring your bike, or your pup on a walk through the Bluffs in Groton. About a mile and a half up the path you veer off to the right and you’re welcomed with an incredible view of New London Ledge Lighthouse. The Bluffs are a beautiful part of New London, with shaded paths right next to beautiful water views - its every hiker and beach lovers dream, a shaded hike along the coast! You can’t miss New London Ledge’s red contrast against the deep navy water, with the Block Island high speed ferry speeding around it. Constructed in 1909 it has its fair share of ghost stories, but this lighthouse is a beautiful sight at the mouth of the Thames River.


    Latimer Reef Light

    From Groton and Noank you'll be able to see the candy stripe of Latimer Reef Light. Have a seat at Abbotts, Costellos, or Fords Lobster and look out past Ram Island into New York waters and halfway to Watch Hill sits the light on Latimer Reef. The lighthouse replaced a lightship, which was a vessel that acted as a lighthouse equipped with lights and fog horns, to warn any incoming ships of the reef back in 1884. 


    Morgan Point Light

    If you’re sitting on the coastline in Groton, check out Morgan Point Light in Noank. Facing the water, this quaint little lighthouse built in 1831 sits at the mouth of the Mystic River. The Mystic River was filled with ships, whaling, fishing, traveling, it was a heavily used port. A light was placed in Noank to make sure the ships, and everyone on board arrived to Mystic safely. The lighthouse has since been restored as a stunning privately owned home, to people who have been gracefully taking care of it. It’s still a welcome sign to people entering the Mystic River and Noank. 



    We Did Some Rope Work in the New London Harbor Lighthouse

    This spring Matt was asked to rework the rope railing in the New London Harbor Lighthouse. It was a tight fit in the narrow stairwell but an awesome view from the top!

    Harbor Light lens New London CT

    Harbor Light view from the top New London CT

    Harbor Light railing work New London CT

    Each of these lighthouses has stood the test of time, with countless lighthouse keepers keeping a watchful eye over the whalers, fishermen, and travelers who enter the ports they keep. They’re beautiful reminders of classic New England charm. 

    Take advantage of our gorgeous summer weather and enjoy the view of some of our historical lighthouses. 

    Latimer Reef Light Mystic Connecticut

    Sunset Latimer Reef Light

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    September 28, 2019

    Thank you for such a beautiful and informative article with beautiful pictures. I do hope to visit soon.


    August 19, 2019

    Thanks for putting together such an interesting article! The CT shore is indeed beautiful.

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