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  • March 06, 2019 1 min read

    It was a snowy week finally! I love the snow and have been missing it all winter.

    Snowy day on the Mystic River

    Here is our floating home covered in snow.

    We also spent some time playing with our customer service representative, Betsy Mongrel, out in the snow.

    Betsy is intently waiting for me to throw the monkey fist dog toy in the Mystic River Park

    Betsy with a small monkey fist dog toy

    Betsy Mongrel playing with a monkey fist dog toy in front of the drawbridge

    She likes to play fetch and tug of war with a monkey fist dog toy in the Mystic River Park.

    We got to see all the knots we tied for The Mariner  hung up. Stop in for some of there amazing food and check out the wall of knots!

    We tried some pineapple soda from Hosmer Mountain

    I have a soft spot for their soda, and Matt loves it too. They are just up the road from my Grandmothers house in Willimantic, and she always had Hosmer Mountain soda in an old red plaid cooler that she would bring with her to any holiday or family get together.

    Patriotic Whale Tail Bracelet

    We tied a whole lot of whale tail bracelets getting ready for spring orders. I love the Patriotic cord!

    The Lattitude 41 Burger

    We also have lunch at Lattitude 41   Here is the Lattitude 41 Burger, which is amazing! It has fried pickles and a giant onion ring on it. So good!!!



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