Nautical Sailor Knot Coasters, Woven in White, Set of 4 Made in the USA by hand in Mystic, Connecticut $ 28.75

Sailor Knot Coasters, Woven in White, Set of 4

You found them.  Our best selling home decor knot.  Hand Woven Coaster made with custom hard laid cord. White.  White is the color of traditional cotton line, and until 2008, it was the only cord we used.  Second only to the white bracelet, these are what people think of when you say 'nautical knot.'

Want an unbreakable coaster that actually absorbs the beads of humidity before they roll from glass to coaster to table? This coaster saves your table, and there is nothing breakable here. No worries about the accidental drops to the floor we've all experienced.

These 100% cotton coasters are absorbent and dishwasher safe Just lay them flat on a dishtowel after the washer stops.

These coasters come as a set of four and measure 4 inches across. They are tied with the same knot as our famous sailor knot bracelets, just turned flat.

Use with mugs, glasses, and cold bottles of beer. At first glance, you'd wonder how your glass will balance, but as soon as you try them, you realize that the five upper most facets are all level and your drink balances as well as on any other coaster.

Absorbent, unbreakable, washable, handmade here in America for over 60 years and ready for you.

Discount pricing is available for events HERE