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  • Royal Blue Nautical Anchor Bracelet Brass 029

    Handmade Nautical Anchor Bracelet Royal Blue and Brass, Handmade in the USA

    This anchor is cut from a solid piece of brass, representing an historic take on the nautical tradition. Over time it will develop a natural patina.

    • Brass Anchor 
    • Royal Blue Abrasion and Weather Resistant Polyester Rope
    • Waxed Whip closure
    • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Custom 

    Snags, grabs, and scratches...those are complaints we heard about anchor bracelets, and why we hesitated to make them. So, we carefully designed these anchors with a curve to rest on your wrist and not catch on everything or everyone that dares touch them.

    We are live-aboard sailors and everything we make in our shop could be made aboard as we travel. Real sailors making for other sailors, this is your chance to join in the New England tradition as it enters the fourth generation.

    Mystic Knotwork's nautical tradition dates back into the early 1900's but traditions change, this anchor bracelet represents a tradition started 15 years ago when the preppy movement took a turn. We had been resistant to join this tradition but after 15 years of seeing it slowly lose it's roots in the nautical traditions, we decided to take a step back and visit this design. We redesigned the anchor so that it has a nice bend to it and blends in with your wrist while the same time prevents snagging your clothing or any sheets or gear you are working with on the boat. The design itself can be carved out of a halyard snap shackle so it still holds the tradition of Mystic Knotwork having everything we make able to be made while traveling on the boat itself.

    Christa gets credit for inspiring this anchor bracelet (and it's partner whale tail). She is the fourth generation knot tyer in the family. She wanted something a little fancier. Metal and fiber, the anchor bracelet is designed for the nautical environment. We wanted to introduce these online last summer, but they sold so quickly in our public workshop in Downtown Mystic, Connecticut, we couldn't support selling them to you until now.

    Solid brass, there is no plating to separate and the rope is polyester. This bracelet will last as long as you want it to, in fact it looks more interesting after months and years of daily wear. The bracelet is easily removed, but once you feel how comfortable it is, why would you want to?