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  • Nautical Knot Card Holder, White, 4.5", 5-Pass

    Traditional rope used to tie the knot.  Natural white, not so bright as to spoil a photo, but still not 'off white,' these wedding knots are a classic touch to the seaside tablescape.

    These monkey fist knots are about 4 1/2 inches across and made of 3/8 inch white cotton rope with 5 passes.

    Tied around a ball, these knots are tough. The 5 ply provides more structure than our original 3 ply. You'll find guests wanting to take these home after your event, but you also might want to use them decoratively in a bowl by your mantle.  For the true environmentalist, they can be recycled into a dog's toy since there is actually a tennis ball hiding deep inside.

    We continually make these and keep rope on hand. If you need more than we show in stock, please let us know so we can help!