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  • Nautical Knot Card Holder, White, 4", 3-Pass Monkey Fist Knot

    Nautical Wedding knots.  Classic white cotton, created to complete your reception table look and perfectly hold your card for each table.

    The nautical table knots are weighted to make them able to sit on a table better. Just place on the table and press down to flatten slightly onto the table so they don't roll. They can be positioned on edge or on a flat surface.  I've attached pictures from previous weddings to give you a starting point creating your seaside tablescape.

    These became a classic staple of nautical weddings when we first introduced them to the nautical table over 10 years ago, and we've served over 1,000 couples without missing a deadline.

    Our entry into the wedding world happened by accident. Back in the early 2000's, we were making our nautical dog toys, and they were pretty popular. We were making them simpler than we do now, and sold a few online.  Suddenly, one day, we were asked to make 30 of them for Chrystal in California.  Turns out, long after the fact, I find out we had made the knots for Commodore Gordon's retirement as Commandant of the Newport Harbor Yacht Club.  I wasn't ready to enter the wedding world, and there has been a learning curve, but we've been able to adapt our traditional knot tying work to the nautical enthusiasts wedding. 

    Since then, our rope has been custom made to our specifications.  That let's us do something really special.  The rope had such a hard 'lay' to it that we can tie the knot without using a core.  That gives you the design flexibility to run a stem or stick through the center of the knot to support a card up high, it gives you the ability to reshape the ball to flatten it for a unique looks, or leave it perfectly round for a more classic look.  The knot is amazingly versatile and you can see a few different approaches in these pictures.

    These monkey fist knots are about 4 inches across and made of 1/2 inch white cotton rope with 3 passes.

    These pair well with our sailor knots, napkin rings, and coasters to make a complete reception set.

    We continually make these and keep rope on hand.  If you need more than we show in stock, please let us know so we can help!  

    Coordinate with other knots in our wedding collection