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  • Nautical Santa Hand Woven Monkey Knots For Your Tree

    Round and cute with storybook hat and boots, the Santa of your dreams.  Let's not forget the fabulous beard! Again we were messing around in the workshop tying all sorts of knots and someone mentioned Santa ornament. It wasn't long before our monkey fist Santa ornament was created by the crew!  

    A small white monkey fist for his head and a large red one for his body. All 100% American cotton. We acquired the hat from our Snowman ornament's wardrobe, a perfect fit! The Santa stands a towering 3 1/2" but only weighs two ounces.

    He'll look great on any tree either seaside or inland. Pair him up with our Snowman ornament for the ultimate nautical celebration. A great winter reminder of warmer days enjoying the coast, beaches and boating.

    We love making these Santas and all our ornaments. We hope you can share pictures of your tree with us on Instagram to help us ensure they end up in good homes.