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  • Nautical Rope Grommet Wreath

    Make a nautical entryway complete with a wreath design not commonly seen even on Nantucket or Sanibel, though they are becoming common here in Mystic for some reason. 

    A solid 2" rope wreath, adorned with a wide fancy turkshead.  This grommet wreath is handmade in the tradition of a canvas maker's lacing hole, just on a much larger scale.

    Made from a single ply of 2" Rope, wound around itself to relay into a continuous loop, we cover the two ends with a fancy turkshead to complete the look

    This is a statement piece and weighs in at nearly 5 pounds, and each handmade wreath is approximately 16-17" across and stands a little over 2" thick in the rope and 4 1/2" at the decorative turks head weave.  Be careful of that measurement if putting between an exterior door and a screen door.  There is a hidden wire frame inside the rope to help maintain its round shape. 


    It can be hung from a wreath hanger or any standard wall mount that can support over 10 pounds when thinking about the wind.