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  • Monkey Fist Drawer Pull Knobs

    Drawer pulls or cabinet knobs for wherever you want a nautical touch. Use them in your kitchen, bathroom, on your dresser or your boat.

    These cotton monkey's fists are 1 3/8" with a 1 1/2" screw. We can substitute a 2" screw on request. They are dipped in a sealer for protection against dirt and moisture. 

    To install, simply remove the screw, pass it through the hole in your cupboard and screw back into the knot.

    We drilled a hole slightly too small for the screw (a pilot hole), so when you tighten it down, it will hold firm. For added security, you can put a drop of wood glue on the hole in the knot before screwing it back together. There is no need to drill new holes, simply remove your cabinet pulls and replace with these. Our installation is designed to be familiar and confidence inspiring.