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  • 10" Nautical Sailor Knot Trivet, Manila Rope, Large

    Perfect for the rustic seaside kitchen, this nautical trivet is hand made from a Turk's head knot. #1 grade manila rope carefully woven and stitched together, this 11 inch diameter knot has a very solid feel and is made with 3/8 inch rope. It is thick enough to protect your table from anything hot you may place on it.

    This is an authentic knot still used on wooden sailing vessels to protect the bright work (wood) from the impact of the blocks (pulleys) when the boat tacks (turns). As a decoration for home or office, while new is a perfect accent to hearken back to the golden age of sailing.

    While manila looks beautiful in a rustic nautical setting, it is less than ideal with linens or other material as there is a preservative that is part of the manila rope.