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  • Yellow Cap Nautical Snowman Hand Woven Monkey Knots for your tree

    Yellow hat and scarf, choose the snowman of your dreams.  18 colors to choose from now.  This is the snowman we shared on Instagram last year that caused the waves.   

    Made by stacking and stitching three monkey fists together along with a turkshead beret for a hat and buttons and a nose of cord.  Because the bottom ball is made on a ping pong ball, he's light enough to hang from almost any tree (just in case C.Brown orders one)

    The snowman stands a towering 4 1/2" but only weighs two ounces. He'll look great on any tree either seaside or inland. A great winter reminder of warmer days of coasts, beaches, or boating.

    We love making these snowmen, so I hope you can share pictures on your tree with us on Instagram to help us ensure they end up in good homes.

    Every color choice here