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  • Door Mat, Prolong Knot

    This classic rope mat is made with over 120 feet of 1/2" grade 1 manila rope. This mat is fairly large, measuring 41 inches by 15 inches.

    It will last for years outdoors. Manila is known for its longevity and can last for decades. As they age, their beauty only improves as they silver.

    Growing up almost all classic coastal houses in Mystic had woven mats like these at the back entrance for friends and relatives to clear their boots. These are very serviceable mats, but their beauty has led them to move from the utility door at the back of the home to center stage at the formal entry. This doormat is a great welcome mat.

    The prolonged knot is still used on classic tall ships to protect the sails from chafing against the hardware that connects the boom to the mast. The classic cod fishing schooner Bowdoin that sails out of Maine can be seen with these in place on her main mast.