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  • Woven Nautical Entry Rug, Round Door Mat

    Woven Nautical rug made in natural Manila.

    Handmade here in our Mystic workshop, this is a classically styled door mat is woven with 100 feet of manila rope in an oval shape.

    It will last for years left out in the weather, and silver with age like cedar shingles. Made with 1/2 inch manila rope, it measures 28 inches x 22 inches.

    To care for these mats, you really have to not care.  So long as you don't let them soak under water, and as long as you don't wash them with a degreaser or detergent, the mats will last a decade or more.  They can get wet, rained on, snowed on, frozen, picked up and dropped off by a tornado, stuck to Godzilla's toenail, but so long as he doesn't shoot his flaming breath at it, the mat will still survive long after the city is laid waste.

    Growing up, the mat I made for my dad in 1981 was abused.  We'd drop crab buckets on it, drop firewood, stomp off our boots, you get the idea.  To clean it, we'd wait for a dry day, and I'd take the mat and swing it at the sycamore tree behind our house.  That would knock the dirt out and then just put it back on the step and we were good for another few months.  The mat is durable and designed to last.

    We are a team of knot tyers, not copy writers, so I hope you choose and enjoy our mat, we put a LOT of work and care into each and every one we make.

    This doormat is a great welcome mat.