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  • Nautical Woven Star, Cotton Knot for Christmas Tree Topper or Home Decoration

    Nautical holidays using only rope and cordage, this star belongs on top.  The top of the nautical Christmas tree needs this tree topper.  Handmade to approximately 7" across.

    This is the star design that topped our family tree we decorated in our bay window overlooking the local cove.  For over a dozen years, a star just like this could be seen as we came up the path after sledding on the back slope towards the water. This was one of the first really fancy designs my grandfather showed me back in the 1970's.  The history is a little close and personal, but it reflects the nautical spirit.

    The one I made was small and white, but still, it was a family favorite.  As you know, or do know, my wife decided we needed to add color to Mystic Knotwork back in 2008, so of course these get detailed in color as well.

    When I imagine trying to celebrate the holidays on board the old square rigger, I picture the bosun and macrame artists fiddling together knots into the decorations they left with their families back home.  The Victorian Christmas tree topper can be reflected in a well structured woven star like ours. 

    Here in our downtown workshop, we decorate our trees entirely in ropes and cord.  A few years ago, I made one for our tree, and that's when I realized the locals love the design too.  Finally, this year, 2017, we decided to share them online for you.