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  • June 22, 2020 2 min read

    When asked to write some blogs for Mystic Knotwork one idea I couldn't wait to produce was a photo history of all the wonderful people who modeled the nautical bracelets, necklaces, anklets, hair sticks and yes Carlton and his dog toy! 

    The first model is Matt and Jill's daughter who now helps run the business in Mystic. She set the bar pretty high and to this day holds the spot as our signature model thanks to Kim at Europa Photography. Going forward, friends of friends, brothers and sisters lots of people stepped forward to be a model. Most importantly these shoots were fun, taking us to the beach, the docks nearby, enjoying the outside air and being creative. A variety of photographers, meeting new people, making connections and learning new techniques.

    We also teamed up with local businesses and collaborated on shoots while cross branding our products. The goal, is to share images across social media and widen our reach into different markets.

    Many times a photographer would ask if they could do a shoot with our products, usually their models and in turn use the images to build up their portfolio and also share with us. If you are out there please get in touch. Models too! Contact Jill 860-889-3793 ext. 3.



    The next 12 photos are taken by Kim of  @europaphoto Kim has helped us throughout the years, a great inspiration. Her studio is located in the Velvet Mill, Stonington.


    Mystic Knotwork summer braceletsMystic Knotwork sailor braceletsMystic Knotwork braceletsKnoted hair clipsMystic Knotwork braceletssummer sailor braceletsMystic Knotwork braceletssailor bracelet at beachsurfer braceletsailor bracelet at the shoreshackle bracelets in Mystic

    Carlton the dog


    purple sailor braceletMystic Knotwork braceletsMystic Knotwork bracelets


    Jill captured Little Lola Sunshine going for a cruise in the Knotmobile. @littlelolasunshine



    The following four photos were taken in collaboration with @jmichael1106, @islandpursuitmystic, @globalnavigator, @filemonade, and @red36ct. Never a dull moment when working with this marketing team of Jean Michael and his brother Christian!

    Photo shoot by: @jmichael1106   Photo edit by: @publicreatives

    relaxing on boat

    Elizaveta @el_tsariova

    Mystic Knotwork bracelets

    Jean Michael @JMichael1106

    preparing to sail

    Alyssa @Pebs1077  &  Christian @peruvian_flow

    sailor couple and sailor bracelets


    Mystic Knotwork braceletsMystic Knotwork braceletsPeace Mystic Knotwork

    blue sailor bracelet


    The following three images are from a collaboration we did with Rochelle's Boutique  in Mystic. @rochellesboutique We had so much fun switching out the clothing with the bracelets and necklaces. Photos by Jill

    sailor wristletSailor bracelets red white blue

    sailor bracelets in Mystic


    The three pictures below are of my niece. We picked a cold day in March at Newport's First Beach and got started with a pile of the new whale tail necklaces and their matching bracelets.

    Mystic Knotwork bracelets

    Mystic Knotwork braceletsMystic Knotwork bracelets


    Kirstin Burrows

    More bracelets, photos by Kirstin Burrows @kirstinburrowsphotography

    bracelets Mystic KnotworkSailor bracelets in Mystic


    It was fun when the Blank-Cody family came to town, they had some custom bracelets made and then they took a bunch of photos! Their daughter is pictured below. @blankfamilyadventure

    Mystic Knotwork necklace


    Our friends from Fat Face, a British clothing store In Downtown Mystic. Looking very nautical and yes that is the Knotmobile @fatface_mysticct

    Fat Face Clothing In MysticSailor bracelets in Mystic

    Mystic sailor bracelet


    Our new friend Lily modeling our sailor bracelets at Mystic River Park and Adventure Mystic Rentals. Photos by Jill

    sailor bracelet and Mystic Drawbridgesurfer bracelet

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