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  • July 02, 2019 4 min read

    Mystic Connecticut is full of fun activities on and off land! We have compiled a list of ways you can get on the water right here in Mystic. From action filled trips, to a light workout, to relaxing sails, this list will give you a summer's worth of fun.

    Adventure Mystic is a small shop on Holmes St. in downtown Mystic. (Down the street from our 2 Holmes St. location!) The shop has everything from paddle boards, to shades, to a sweet Jaws Narragansett skateboard. In the shop you’ll be greeted by Jeff the owner, or one of his awesome employees. You can rent bikes, paddle boards, kayaks and more. If you opt for the paddle board and kayak option you’ll walk out the back of the shop, right down to the river. Jeff and the crew will set you up with only the best boards on the market. The best part about their location is that your board gets dropped right in the water and you’re off. 

    Adventure Mystic on the Mystic River

    Take a right out on the river and you’ll head up towards the Mystic Seaport, there you’ll see one of the oldest whaling ships in the U.S. From beautiful wooden sailboats and cat boats, to a replica of the Mayflower, the seaport never disappoints. Continue down towards the Mystic Drawbridge and you can watch its magic as the horn blows and it begins its slow rise to allow boats to pass through. Adventure Mystic puts you in the heart of the Mystic River and gives you the opportunity to explore and paddle at your own pace and in your own direction.


    The Argia has been in Mystic for as long as the locals can remember. It’s a Two-Masted Gaff Topsail Schooner that sets sail right off Main St. on Steamboat Wharf. The Argia makes its way down the Mystic River, and out past Noank Shipyard and Morgan Point Light.

    Argia Leaving The Steamboat Wharf Dock

    The Argia’s iconic sails can be seen from land cruising out into Fishers Island Sound, looping around to watch the sun sink, and returning back to the river. You can bring beer, wine, and light snacks to enjoy a beautiful sunset cruise. 


    Mystic Boat Adventures is located in the Noank Shipyard, next to the famous Abbott and Costello's. You'll walk down through the Marina past the sailboats and fishing boats to be greeted by the best tour-guide around - Rob. The small boats are all docked and lined up, Rob gives you a cooler for your water and snacks because there are plenty of places to stop and enjoy the beautiful Mystic views. First you go through a tutorial of how to use the boats, what to do if you feel nervous, and the rules of the river before he pushes you off. The boats are very easy to control, the joystick in your left hand moves the craft left or right. In your right hand there's the throttle, a.k.a the fun part. As everyone leaves the marina, he talks you through how to get comfortable with the boat. The boat is essentially two paddle boards, meaning it's unflippable and unsinkable relieving everyone who expresses concern.

    Mystic Boat Adventure's Mini Motor Boat on the Mystic River

    Rob has two separate tours, a one hour tour and a three hour tour. The three hour tour takes you all the way up the Mystic River, under the drawbridge and back. It continues with a trip out and around Latimer Reef Light, and finishes with a beautiful sunset in the calm cove of Ram Island. Rob makes sure to capture the fun along the way, taking pictures of the tour group for them to enjoy. The one-hour tour is just a trip around Latimer Reef Light finishing up in Ram Island's small cove. The three hour tour allows you to see a side of the Mystic River you can only see from the water.


    The Mystic Pearl is a beautiful navy and teal hulled schooner that is located right between the Mystic Seaport and the Drawbridge. It’s an unforgettable trip down the river as the bridge goes up just for you with everyone watching in awe.

    The Schooner Pearl of Mystic Harbor Cruise Lines

    The Pearl brings you down the river, through Noank, past Ram and North Dumpling Island and out into Fishers Island Sound. It makes a big loop through the sound getting every last drop out of the sunset before returning to port. But not without one last request for the Drawbridge to go up!


    Mystic Seaport Museum gives you the opportunity to ride Sabino, a steamboat, STEAMBOAT. How incredible is that?! It launched in 1908 and is still carrying people down the river, it's the oldest wooden & coal-fired steamboat in commission. Our own salty Jill is seen below in the wheel house taking the helm!

    Mystic Seaport's Sabino With Mystic Knotwork Jill at the HelmJill From Mystic Knotwork Steers Mystic Seaport's Sabino


    Another fun way to get on the water with paddle boards & kayaks!

    Blue Heaven SUP Customers After A Fun Kayak

    Blue Heaven also has the owner's original artwork for purchase, jewelry, and much needed sunblock for your trip. Located a block from our 25 Cottrell St. workshop!


    This beautifully calm trip up the Mystic river is a MUST if you want to soak up every piece of history and scenery. You'll ride in style on an antique picnic boat, the Novelty, as the colorful captain gives a tasteful history lesson. You can join for an early morning, or sunset cruise.

    Mystic River Cruise's Picnic Boat At The DockThe Novelty Picnic Boat Cruises The Mystic River


    Hop aboard the Mystic Express, nestle yourself under the sun awnings and enjoy a 40 minute narrated cruise on the Mystic River. You will see all the sights of the river, Captain's Row an incredible stretch of historic homes, the Mystic Bascule Bridge, and the Tall Ships of Mystic.

    The Mystic Express Docked At The S&P Oyster Restaurant


    Lots of photo opportunities on all these tours so be sure to bring your camera!

    We’ve done them all, and highly recommend adding these to your summer bucket list. Seeing Mystic from the river-side is a unique experience. Whether you’re cruising, speeding, or just enjoying the ride, there’s a fun trip on the water for everyone!

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