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  • November 20, 2023 1 min read

    Actually a lot of them. Our Snowman and Santa ornaments made room on the shelf for this new ornaments' arrival. About 4 3/4" tall made with nautical white cotton cord, a monkey fist head, Celtic wings, a golden halo and belt. Weighing in at 2 oz. it will hang nicely on your tree or anywhere.

    The Angel ornament has been in the works for about a year or so. Jill finalized the design by polling our Instagram followers and asking which halo did they like. She got a big response and the decision was made. Done.

    The knot tying procedure guide for our artisans is finished so we are now busy hand tying these beauties and many Angels will be getting their wings.

    She'll brighten up your tree for sure and gets along well with others.

    A festive looking holiday trio.

    One of the first prototypes.

    Jill's halo choices. #3 was unanimous!


    The angel's wings are tied from the same pattern as our Celtic knot hair sticks. A perfect fit.

    We actually have a huge selection of knotty holiday ornaments. Visit our ornament page and check them out.

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