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  • July 22, 2020 1 min read

    On July 20, 2020 the Mayflower ll left Mystic Seaport to start her voyage back home to Plymouth MA. 

    It was a gloomy Monday morning, and hundreds of people and boats of all shapes and sizes waited to see the Mayflower coming through the drawbridge and down the river.

    The fireboat led the parade, clearing the way and making sure the mayflower could get through all the boats watching.

    The fireboat leads the way

    the fireboat leads the way down the Mystic river

    When the drawbridge went up and we caught our first glimpse of the Mayflower, everyone cheered. It was so moving!

    The Mayflower coming through the drawbridge 

    the Mayflower ll coming through the drawbridge

    The Mayflower dwarfing the drawbridge

    Mayflower ll

    She was being pulled by 2 tugboats, who were taking her to New London to get her ballast and undergo sea trials.

    The Mayflower heading down the river

    heading down the river

    Everyone was so emotional watching her go by, there was a lot of waving and cheering, and even some tears.

    The Mayflower side view

    side view of Mayflower ll

    We were sad to see her go, but look forward to visiting her home berth at Plimoth Plantation.

    Goodbye Mayflower!

    goodbye Mayflower

    Here is a video if you want to see the Mayflower in action!

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