New Years 2020 Knotty Fun by Sue Waterman

January 09, 2020 1 min read

We Needed An Image For Our 2020 Campaign.

Mystic Luxury Theater called asking for our ad insertion scheduled to appear on the January movie screen. What are we going to do to bring in the New Year?!? Josh piped up, we do have the number patterns and James jumped in to make 2020 in knotted numbers! Jill as the photographer, completed the idea with some ad quality photographs. Done!
And this is why I love my job at Mystic Knotwork. Being a small artisan business, everyone has an opportunity to share their skills and ideas while always learning something new.

2020 Vision Mystic Knotwork Happy New Year


Mystic Knotwork artisan knot tying

And yes we do have fun tying knots! Above, James is tying the 0 in 2020.

Mystic Knotwork ties letters

Pins are used to hold the piece in place. For large items, like the floor mats, nails are used as well as a plywood board. Our 2020 numbers were tied with the new monkey fist ornament rope which is a combination of plain cotton and metallic.

Mystic Knotwork artisan work

In the past we have done knotted letters and shapes as well. Many of our knotted items are made with our own hand designed patterns where with the help of pre-measured lengths of rope the artisan can create a perfectly sized piece. Below one of the many versions of a shamrock.

Mystic Knotwork shamrock knot


So if you need any custom letters for a special occasion or project please give us a shout. Anything can be tied with plenty of lead time.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Mystic Knotwork

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