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  • March 05, 2018 2 min read

    We spend a lot of time talking about where we make our products (right here in Downtown Mystic!) and on a global level, we're proud to be Made in the USA. We've even mentioned we're New England Made once or twice. And now, we're excited about a new initiative, one that calls out Made in Connecticut products with a new logo

    Made in CT

    Connecticut is positioning itself as the destination for advanced manufacturing work. Think aerospace or other highly technical manufacturing industries. Along with that, the state is shining a light on all the other interesting things that are made (or grown) by small businesses here in our state.

    We're very excited about this initiative. Not just because we're included, but because it's an opportunity to learn about some other remarkable companies in the state. We thought we'd share a few that we found interesting.


    You may know Hartford as the home of Mark Twain or the "Insurance Capital of the World." But did you know that it's also home to the Hartford Denim Company and The Brothers Crisp, makers of denim clothing and custom footwear, respectively.

    Further north, in Stafford, is American Woolen Company. They make fine wool fabric in a historic mill, "preserving centuries-old craftsmanship and carving out an authentic American style."


    "C" is for Connecticut and also for CANDY! Who knew we have so many chocolatiers in our state? Munson's has been making chocolates for over 70 years and is an Easter favorite. More chocolates can be found at Bridgewater Chocolate and Plum Brook Chocolate in Woodbury.

    Beer, Wine & Spirits

    Beer'd is one of our local favorites and practically our neighbor in Stonington. Located in The Velvet Mill, you can sample their beers and shop at other small Connecticut businesses while you're there.


    You can hit the CT Wine Trail to learn about Connecticut's wineries and vineyards or try the "uniquely flavored natural liqueurs" from Hartford Flavor Company.

    What's Your Favorite?

    There are so many CT companies to discover and support. Which are your favorites? We think the perfect day could be spent wearing a pair of Hartford Denim jeans, The Bothers Crisp shoes and a Sailor Bracelet, visiting different Connecticut-made businesses. If you do it, let us know!



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