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  • November 11, 2020 2 min read

    Our macrame snowflake, sometimes called a macrame star, is fun to make and hang on your holiday tree. A great rainy day or snow day project!



    Supplies needed:
    12 sections of 28" long cord
    1 ring about 1" in diameter
    clear glue
    Attach all 12 sections of cord to the ring with a larks head. Make sure to pull each section very tight to the ring.



    Separate cords into 6 sections of 4 cords. For instructions on how to tie a square knot, see our paracord bracelet tutorial.

    Make 2 square knots for each section. You will have 6 points around the ring when you finish.


    Separate your cords again into 6 sections, moving over 1 cord so 2 outside cords become the inner cords, and the inner cords become the outside cords, creating alternating square knots.

    Start each square knot about 1/2” down to give the snowflake a lacy look.


    Make a picot under each square knot you just made. To make a picot, tie a square knot about 1 inch below the previous square knot, then push up so it is right under the first square knot, making a loop on each side which is the picot. ( see arrow )


    Tie one more square knot under each picot, tying very tightly as this is the last knot.


    Cut all the ends, leaving about 1/2”, and put some clear glue on the last square knot of each section. Your snowflake is done!


     Name your snowflake and enjoy your creation!


    macramé snowflake ornament in tree

    Snow flake ornament in action. A slightly different pattern above.




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