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  • September 29, 2020 2 min read

    Matt Beaudoin, Mystic Knotwork Awarded Small Business Person Award
    Even before the Covid virus joined us Matt was known to adapt to the ever changing demands of owning and running a small business. Matt Nemeth, pictured left, of CT Small Business Development Center, has been working with Matt (center) for a few years now. They had been discussing challenges and solutions for the small business owner. Nemeth noticed right away Matt's ability to 'adapt and pivot' and nominated him for the U.S. Small Business Administration's 'CT Small Business Person Of The Year'.
    Congratulations Matt and Jill. Jill, pictured right, the leader of Matt's support team, is also gifted with adapting to the ever changing demands of running a small business. What a team! Learn more by visiting the following links.
    Matt Beaudoin CEO, Owner, Knot Tyer
    Always ready to adapt and jump into a project, Matt is hands on in his business, from tying and teaching knot tying to troubleshooting computer issues, changing light bulbs, co-managing employee time schedules, marketing directing and even helping customers find their cars! Much of the workshop day is spent fielding phone calls, handling special orders, coordinating the tying schedule, tying knots, and chatting with customers about knots and the history of Mystic Knotwork.
    hanging the flower wreath on Mystic's drawbridge
    Matt is extremely involved in the community which is always a plus when you're running a business. Getting to know other business owners is good for camaraderie and generating sales for all. Speaking engagements and real conversations turn into joint projects and collaborations that increase business and also benefit the community.
    Mystic Knotwork giant rope wreath
    A while back the town asked Matt if he could make a wreath for the bridge. Gathering his best tyers the wreath was made. It was so big it took up half of the sales floor in the workshop! It stays on the bridge now and Matt and the team decorate it for each season and holiday. Creativity is a big part of Mystic Knotwork and satisfaction is its reward. And how often do you get to walk down the streets of Mystic carrying a giant yellow rope flower!
    hand made flowers for Mystic's Bascule Bridge
    Matt Beaudoin Mystic Knotwork

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