Historic Charles Mallory House In Mystic by Sue Waterman

2 Holmes Street and 25 Cottrell Street  Downtown Mystic, CT 06355


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September 01, 2021 1 min read

The Charles Mallory family has been in Mystic since 1816, and for 150 years a prominent shipping and shipbuilding family. Charles Mallory came to Mystic in 1816, having just completed his sailmaker apprenticeship in New London. Charles was hugely successful as whaling and shipbuilding grew in the village and by the 1860s he was one of Connecticut’s most prosperous ship owners. Many of his descendants continued involvement in the businesses till the 1940s.

There is lot of history on this family, even a book, well there is probably more than one! The Mystic Seaport has a sail loft exhibit dedicated to the Mallory's where you can see the tools of the sail making trade. The loft is still used to repair the Seaport's sails now and then. Also a good article found on the Mystic Seaport site chronicling the history of the family.

Jill and Matt gathered some nautical items from the workshop and arranged a photo shoot with the current owner. This great house, which still has some original furnishings, is located the next street over behind our shop! Currently the house rents out as a 7 bedroom, 4 1/2 bath rental.

Charles Mallory house Mystic
Charles Mallory House Mystic CT
Charles Mallory House Mystic


Charles Mallory House garden fountain Mystic
Charles Mallory House outside patio Mystic


front steps Charles Mallory house Mystic
Charles Mallory House entry stairway
Charles Mallory House kitchen
nautical basket Charles Mallory House
navy monkey fist Mystic Knotwork
Charles Mallory House sitting area
Charles Mallory House dining room
Charles Mallory House front parlor
Charles Mallory House model ship
rendering of the Charles Mallory sailing ship
Charles Mallory House outdoor patio
Mystic Knotwork monkey fist Charles Mallory House

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