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  • March 20, 2017 1 min read

    We had so much fun watching the entries come in for our Cute Dog Contest! We had 49 entries, and while we originally said we'd award prizes for the three photos that had the highest votes, we ended up awarding the top five photos. Betsy wanted us to give prizes to all the dogs who entered, and we wish we could have because they are all adorable!


    Here are our top five vote winners from the contest:

    Finley & Argo

    Finley & Argo - Dog Toy Winners



    Josie  - Dog Toy Winner


    Marley and Wynn

    Dog Toy Winners


    Gus - Dog Toy Winner


    Ulysses - Dog Toy WInner

    If you're looking for something special for your cute dog, you can find our dog toys online or in our Mystic shop.

    Thanks to everyone who entered! Sign up for our newsletter, so you're the first to know when we run a new contest.


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