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  • September 25, 2018 2 min read

    Have you ever had a summer where things are going so fast that you forget to tell people?  If you are following us on Instagram, you've seen some really busy times, and there is more in store.

    Charlestown Seafood Festival


    Here are some bullets:

    • Matt was flown to DC to speak with Congressmen and Senators,
    • We started a new line of product in store that are going online
    • Our bestest favorite marketing help got hired by the biggest casino in the world
    • We were featured at the Charlestown Seafood Festival, Mystic Seaport Wooden Boat Show, New England Made Show in Sturbridge Mass, Virtu Art Show in Westerly, RI 
    • We were named Rising Star in Tourism at the Connecticut Governor's conference on tourism
    • We've met every gubernatorial candidate in Connecticut (both nominees and the original gaggle of candidates)
    • Matt was selected to the Board of Directors of the Mystic Chamber of Commerce
    • We are now serving over 350 shops in the US and our team continues growing
    • Our boat is finally fully operational again, so Matt and Jill could go cruising
    • We taught a few hundreds kids in a DEEP program up in Mansfield Hollow
    • We taught over a thousand people paracord bracelets at the Mystic Aquarium
    • We taught about 100 kids the same in the New England Science and Sailing Open House
    • We found ourselves in a number of magazine and newspaper articles
    • Partnerships in Mystic are forming around weddings, tourism, and tourism that will benefit guests and locals as well
    • Matt put in a Berkey water filtration system so guests can refill rather than junk their water bottles...
    • ....and more.. 

    So, we apologize for not working on the site lately, we are serving you and the community.  We will be balancing our time here along with serving your orders, and I apologize for not sharing with our fans and friends here.

    Thanks for the support.  I'm including some pics from the summer and will do better blog posts soon :)


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