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August 09, 2017 1 min read

Beaudoin's Rope Locker

We're celebrating Mystic Knotwork's 60th anniversary this summer. We mark the first day of business as the day Alton Beaudoin won first prize at the Mystic Art Show in 1957. His business was called "Beaudoin's Rope Locker" back then, and he ran the business from his home. Many members of the Beaudoin family have worked tying fancy knots over the years, and we're proud to say we're still family owned.

This weekend is the 60th annual Mystic Outdoor Art Festival. In honor of Alton and our 60 year anniversary, we're sponsoring the first prize this year. We thought it would also be the perfect time to share this article from the January 1964 issue Yankee Magazine with you.

Yankee Magazine - January 1964

 Alton's Sennit Frames

Alton Beaudoin

 "The Encyclopedia of Knots and Fancy Rope Work"

Alton Beaudoin's Fancy Knots


Alton Beaudoin's Fancy Knots


"Knotwork is a book with no last page."

We loved this quote from the article so much, we framed it and have it hung next to Alton's sennit frame in our new shop.



If you'd like to learn more about Alton, here's an article from 1976 in The Day that you can read. We welcome you to visit our Mystic shops to see his work in person and we hope to see you at the Mystic Outdoor Art Festival!

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