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  • July 28, 2023 1 min read

    Here are some of the boats that have passed our knot shop heading up or down the river this summer, plus a couple throw backs from years ago.

    The antique and classic boat parade happened a few weeks ago, always so much fun to watch!

    antique and classic boat rendevouz
    The parade was led by the Sabino, always nice to see her on the river this year after being fixed up for the last few years.
    The Sabino led the parade
    Here is the police boat on a beautiful summer day.
    police boat on the Mystic River
    It's fun to see the mega yachts go by on our little river.
    mega yacht heading up the mystic river
    Lots of dogs on the river this summer.
    river dogs
    Here is a throw back picture from when the Drakken came to Mystic. Seeing a viking ship was so cool!
    A viking ship, the Drakken
    This is at the mouth of the Mystic River when a storm came out of nowhere during a Wednesday night Mudheads sailboat race.
    crazy storm on the Mystic River
    And some videos of more boats! The Mayflower coming through the drawbridge a few years ago, and a video of the crazy sailboat race storm. Enjoy!

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