March 2023 - Shamrocks and Dragonflies by Jill Beaudoin

2 Holmes Street and 25 Cottrell Street  Downtown Mystic, CT 06355


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March 25, 2023 1 min read

March was a busy month! I worked on some tutorials for our youtube channel, and we were gearing up for the Mystic Irish Parade!
I worked on some colorful macrame dragonfly pins.
macrame dragonfly
Want to learn how to make one yourself?
Our rope bowls are so popular, super even!
our super rope bowls
The drawbridge has started going up again.
The drawbridge going up March
I also worked on a celtic heart knot tutorial
celtic heart knot
Directions to make your own:
Bailey made some giant monkey fist dog toys.
giant monkey fist dog toys
We decorated the drawbridge wreath with the giant shamrock.
carrying the giant shamrock across the drawbridge
decorating the drawbridge for the Mystic Irish Parade
the decorated drawbridge
We also decorated the lighthouse for the Mystic Irish Parade, shamrocking the town!
the lighthouse decked out for the Irish Parade
We made lots of shamrocks! Here is a macrame keychain.
macrame shamrock keychain

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