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  • June 27, 2020 2 min read

    I am continuing the habit I started during quarantine of walking every day, but now that the quarantine is lifted, I can travel a little further than my immediate neighborhood.

    The Stonington Borough is only a few minutes from Mystic by car. If you are in Mystic it is worth the trip. It has a beautiful little beach with gorgeous views, a really cool lighthouse and a fun Main Street perfect for walking.

    My first stop was the Dodge Paddock and Beal Preserve, located at the end of Wall St. It has a short, easy trail with beautiful views, including inviting benches to sit and soak it all in. 

    The Dodge Paddock and Beal Preserve 

    The Dodge Paddock and Beal Preserve

    Winding paths lead to shoreline public access.
    shoreline public access
    Beautiful views of the ocean.

    beautiful views in the Stonington Borough

    Fun little paths winding around the paddock.

    paths around the paddock

     Rocks to climb out on.

    .rocks for climbing on

    The road leading to the Dodge Paddock and Beal preserve has lots of beautiful views and cools houses. 

    This would be a fun spot for a picnic.

    picnic table with a view

    How about this cool tree swing?

    really cool tree swing

    A seat with a view.

    beach chairs with an amazing view

    The Stonington Borough has amazing flowers everywhere you turn!

    Bright, sunny flowers along a picket fence.

    b'yellow flowers along a picket fence

    Pink flowers down a cute alley.

    pink flowers down a cute alley in the boro

    The Portuguese Holy Ghost Society is one of our favorite spots. Every spring they do the best, most fresh fish and chips you have ever had. Fridays during Lent, this is the spot to be!

    The Portuguese Holy Ghost Society.

    The Portuguese Holy Ghost Society

    For some reason I am fascinated by all the doors in this little fishing village. There are so many different colors and styles.

    Bright red door in the Borough.

    bright red door

    Pretty blue door in the Borough.

    blue door

    This door is just so ornate and unique.

    black door in brick house

    How about this bright blue door?

    bright turquoise door in the borough

    My favorite, it looks like a hobbit door.

    a hobbit house door

    And this house has one of our door mats in front it it! How cool is that? I love seeing our knots around town.

    Our door mat in front of a red door.

    cool red door with a manila door mat


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