Sailor Bracelet Outlined in Satin -POS

Nautical Bracelets outlined in Satin.  Formal wear for the coastal sailor

We all have that parent, spouse, or friend that doesn't respect your classic sailor bracelet.  This bracelet is for them.  No, not to give it to them, but to wear and show them you can dress classy and formal.  (pro tip:  We have white lined in black satin for formal black tie weddings and events)

We are returning our satin outlines to the world online after 5 years of carefully planned procrastination.  These were indeed one of our most popular bracelets, but they take a surprising amount of work to make.

We start with the finest nature grown cotton, delicately harvested by strippers in Louisiana with their spindles.  Doffers then separate the seeds,the cotton is bailed and off to be made into our cord.  

Then we actually get to work bleaching and shrinking our white bracelet cord.  Since Satin doesn't shrink, we need to do this so the bracelet doesn't go all wonky and weird..  After drying we get to work making the bracelet.  Two pieces of satin complete the look


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