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Adjustable Woven Anklet, Nautical Colors

These Handwoven Nautical Anklets give you the look of wearing a turkshead sailor bracelet without the hassle of pulling them over your heel.

Our Nautical Woven Anklet is fully adjustable and should fit most ankles, opening up to about 12 inches and is a sleek 1/4 inch wide. Made out of braided cotton cord with the ends whipped in a narrower cotton cord.

We had customers visit our shop every week asking for a sailor bracelet for their ankle.  If you've ever tried pulling a finished sailor bracelet over your arch and ankle, I don't recommend it.  About 5 years ago, we decided to start making these again. 

Our anklets are made from the same yarn dyed cotton as our bracelets, but we use a finer twist to make them more subtle.  Yes, customers have asked for them to be thinner than a bracelet, and we listened.

To put one on, just pull the anklet to open. Once on, pull the cords to adjust to your ankle size. 

If you are looking for brighter colors, our Tropical Anklets might be your thing. If you want more detail, we also make our colors woven with white, in Nautical Chevron Anklets and Tropical Chevron Anklets

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