2018 New London Day Readers Choice

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Accessories 2 Gifts and Souvenirs 3 Wedding Accessories 4 Crafts 5 Home Decor

New London Day Readers Choice 2018We Made the FINALS!!  We would appreciate your help.  Please share then vote now.  Please keep sharing to people that know us or love nautical until March 12, 2018.  I rarely ask anything from our team, but this is our first real chance at local recognition (we've won a couple national contest, never local)

The moment to tell the world that a live aboard sailor can live a dream.  A dream of getting a coveted piece of paper.  No, not a shiny million dollar bill, something so much better.  A fine piece of paper declaring 'Readers Choice Award'..wait, better than that, it really reads, "2018 BEST OF READERS' CHOICE AWARDS"  not just a readers choice, the best of the chosen.  It's like a touch of the highlander in newsprint.  Now is your chance.   

As an artisan business, it takes a community effort to get us noticed up against the companies that are either much bigger than us or are able to invest their time marketing rather than making.  We are part of a great community, but there are some times that we like to feel just a little 'love.'

Please vote for each of the 4 links above or here:

Accessories 2 Gifts and Souvenirs 3 Wedding Accessories 4 Crafts 5 Home Decor

The links have been set to open in a new tab.  Yes, it does require registration, no, you don't need to use your most important email address.  Please vote, please pass the word.  I'm not asking you to vote more than once, please only use one email account, and I can't 'bribe you.'  So, this is a good will favor for the liveaboard sailor and our crazy knot shop.

I can't express my appreciation enough.  You all let Jill and I live a dream.  It's a blue collar artisan dream, but we live on our terms serving you all. Thank you thank you thank you.  Even if you don't think we should win, the moment you took to visit still means a lot.

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