Paracord Shackle Bracelet, Tropical Colors

Size Guide
Anchor Whale and Shackle Bracelet Size Guide


6" Wrist : mostly teens and fine framed women


7" Wrist: mostly women and teens


8" Wrist:  mostly men and rugged framed folks


If you'd like a custom size, just leave a message at checkout with your preferred size.

Everything on the boat should have two uses, this is made with a real marine grade captive pin shackle, so the nautical style comes with a second use.  The perfect casual nautical accessory, our shackle bracelets are made to subtley remind your of your time at the beach, your cruising dream, or your times on the water.

American Made weather proof synthetic cord paired with a forged stainless steel captive pin bow shackle will last for years exposed to the worst ocean weather. The end is whipped down with waxed sail maker's twine.

The shackle is 1 inch long and almost 1 inch wide counting the pin.